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Your branding needs an update. Here's why.

No matter how much you love your branding, eventually the time will come to rethink your branding strategy. Why? Design trends change, your reputation shifts, or new competitors enter the market. 

There is usually more than one sign that it is time for a rebrand. Do any of these reasons apply to your company? 

1. Your website is functionally and visually dated.

Consumers of all industries expect technology to be part of their experience. A dated website limits your company's ability to communicate with your potential customers via their preferred device and often does not take advantage of current lead generation tactics. 

A modern website should provide information to your visitors, produce leads, and gradually nurture your customers through the sales funnel until they become customers. 

2. Your business has shifted but your message remains the same. 

Each business evolves their products or services as time goes on. Doing so is unavoidable in order to stay relevant. What is your brand's main message? Does it accurately reflect who you are and who you want to reach? 

3. Your logo reflects design trends that were popular more than a decade ago. 

As your business evolves, so should your logo. Just like fashion trends, logo trends change with time. Find out when your logo was last updated and compare it to current design trends or best practices. Updating your logo does not have to be drastic. In fact, if you study how iconic brands have evolved their logos over time, most changes are subtle. 

4. Your metrics have plateaued. 

Have your metrics plateaued or dipped? The numbers aren't bad but aren't great either? A rebrand not only draws attention to your brand for being different, but it also gives you an opportunity to promote the rebrand. 

Knowing when to rebrand does not have to be complicated. Getting key decision makers within your organization on board early on is key, so make sure to do your homework and be prepared to defend your reasoning. Make sure to set goals for the rebrand and lay out a detailed plan of exactly what will happen as well as well as deadlines for each step.

There you have it— the signs that it is time to revamp your branding.  

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