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Why Product Packaging Matters In a Digital World

It's not uncommon for a company to conduct business strictly online. Doing so often has many benefits including lower overhead and your company is not competing for shelf space. But don't make the mistake of thinking that because you're not trying to attract the attention of a consumer browsing the aisles of Target, that your product packaging doesn't matter. 

Aside from representing your brand, packaging is the only physical chance to communicate with your customer outside of your website. The quality of the materials and the design of your packaging is a direct representation of your brand attributesAccording to research by Keenpac, 61% of customers say that quality packaging makes the brand seem more upscale and 50% of consumers get more excited about receiving or opening a package if it comes in premium, well designed packaging.

The tactile elements of your packaging materials have a big impact through touchTouch has been shown to communicate abstract concepts with buyers and increase a consumer's memory of a product or brand. Memorable touch can increase the likelihood of reordering or a recommendation.


Great packaging creates an experience. It makes packaging something fun and exciting rather than simply a box that your order is shipped in. Customers are excited to open it.  The experience of receiving and opening a product that in dons beautiful packaging actually drives brand loyalty and can increase brand awareness. 

In fact, people love to talk about great packaging on social media via unboxing videos or Instagram photos. If you subscribe to Trunk Club or Boxy Charm, you've probably seen the unboxing videos or photos that subscribers create. Because of both the packaging and its contents, consumers are excited to receive them. and want to talk about them. These social media posts also serve a research tool for anyone considering a new purchase.

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Why does the social excitement around great packaging matter? It goes beyond views and shares. 4/10 customers are likely to share an image of a delivery on social media if it comes in unique packaging. This helps brands new audiences and increase brand awareness without further directly investing in social channels. As many as 73% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching an unboxing video. 

If you skimp on the design or materials used in your packing, your brand could be missing out on several opportunities. Good looking, quality packaging has a lasting impact beyond the initial unboxing. If you're looking to revamp your product's packaging, Shopify has some great examples as well as resources you can check out.

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