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The Difference Between B2B & B2C Social Media

Social media marketing is popular with both B2B and B2C marketers. It provides a way to advertise and distribute content that is affordable, targeted, and far-reaching. Most marketers assume that social media marketing is very different depending on whether you're promoting a B2B or B2C business. That's not necessarily true. 

Marketers often think that Facebook is not a good way to reach B2B customers and assume that the best way to reach their audience is on LinkedIn. While LinkedIn is in the B2B top 3, Facebook is actually the most important platform for both B2B and B2C social media marketing. The majority of social media ad spend for both types of businesses is used on Facebook. 

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While the preferred platform is the same, the approach marketers should take is somewhat different. The audience and goals of B2C and B2B companies have different needs and characteristics as outlined in the infographic below. In short, B2C marketers target larger, more broad audiences and focus on brand building. B2B marketers usually have a narrow audience and are focused on lead generation.

No matter what type is business is being marketed, understanding who your buyers are and where they are will be the key to social media success. Trying to manage and distribute content on each social media platform is daunting and a poor use of your time. Focus on the top platforms used by your customers and potential customers.  as well as what criteria is important to them in their buyer's journey.