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Size Matters: Target Your Minimal Viable Audience To Optimize Your ROI

By Callum Corley
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We all have the same dream for our business, to be successful. We talk about our brand, and the story behind our company, but dig deep enough and we all dream about becoming the new Zuckerberg. However, in our pursuit of millions of followers, we often tend to make the same mistake. We offer content upon content upon content, and in doing so it loses relevance and therefore value. So, why not try something different, even a bit crazy?

Aim for the Minimum Viable Audience (MVA) as opposed to the maximum.

Every marketing blog, every website, encourages content marketing. 'Content is King' after all. But where many companies make their mistake is in their misunderstanding of this advice. Content for content’s sake is not a viable business strategy. Bigger is not always better.

The expression ‘Content is King’ is missing a crucial word. Good content is king.

In our attempt to ensure our blog is seen by an audience of millions, we dumb it down and average it out. Before we know it, what we hoped would be useful to everyone is, in reality, useful to no one.

Reverse the trend.

Instead of aiming for the biggest audience, aim for the smallest audience possible to sustain your business, the minimal viable audience. It goes against everything you have been told in your career. However, by narrowing your target audience it’s possible to refocus on your brand.

Ensure that your content offers value to your new small audience. Your quality, your story, and your impact will all get better. Before long, your audience will grow organically as word spreads of the value your content offers.

Every truly successful company focused on a specific target audience before branching out into the big wide world. Yours should too.

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