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SEO Trends You Need to Know About in 2017 [Infographic]

SEO is always on the move and digital marketers are always trying to predict its next move. Here's what we think you should look for. 

  • Local SEO will present more opportunities for both paid and organic search. According to MozGoogle is testing paid home services, ads in local packs, destination carousels, trip planning guides and, most recently, "Discover More Places" map results. This also piggybacks on the importance of being there for your consumer on their buyer's journey
  • Voice search will have a bigger impact in search results. Amazon and Google are striving to provide quality data for voice searches, which tend to be more complex when compared to text searches. For example, a complex voice search might be "Does Amazon have those in my size". 
  • Content density will become a bigger factor in how content quality is measured.  Many SEO experts predict that the amount of words will count less as a quality indicator and that per word value will become more important. 
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  • Changes in SERP are predicted to take a permanent place on Google. This year Google has experimented with SERP layout and snippet length. At present, they haven't confirmed anything, making it difficult for marketer's to prepare for the change. 

That's our brief take on SEO trends you need to know about in 2017. Check out the inforgraphic below from CJG. It goes into a bit more depth about additional SEO trends you should plan for. 

SEO Infographic.jpgImage:http://cjgdigitalmarketing.com/

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