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Mighty Ranked As Top Hospitality Advertising Agency in 2018

Craft brewery crowdfunding, restaurant branding and experience design, food & beverage web design and ecommerce—Mighty has done it all, and very well apparently. Clutch, a platform that ranks creative service firms from data independently collected from firms' clients, announced that Mighty has been ranked as a top hospitality advertising agency for 2018.

Since Mighty's founding in 2015, we have worked with various brands in the hospitality industry to create successful restaurant and hospitality marketing plans. From rebranding a top-ranked BBQ restaurant, Meat Boss, to branding the newly-opened and critically-acclaimed Playa at Sportsman Marina, we have designed unique brand and hospitality experiences down to the finest detail.

"The rebranding campaign has produced tangible results and increased the business' visibility. Mighty's approach was equal parts personal and professional. The team was genuinely invested in the project's success and valued the company's input on the project." - Dara Chinnis, Marketing Director at Meat Boss

Playa-5532Playa at Sportsman Marina - Photo by Mobile Bay Magazine

One of our proudest moments has been crowdfunding for a craft brewery, Haint Blue Brewing. Mighty helped this entrepreneur raise over $260,000, a ROI of over 2,000%

"We had a successful funding campaign—we ended up raising $268,000 in a few months. The only interaction that most investors had was with the intro video and our social media, which Mighty created." - Keith Sherrill, Founder of Haint Blue Brewing

Haint Blue Brewing has since continued to grow its brand in the market, in large part due to the initial momentum created at the launch of the crowdfunding campaign. Mighty and Haint Blue continue to work together on various brand projects and advertising promotions.

We are honored to be ranked as a top hospitality advertising agency, and, even more so, excited to share the results our clients were able to achieve. Our focus is always on helping our clients achieve measurable goals. If you would like to talk about hospitality branding or advertising for your company, you can start the conversation here. 

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