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Map Out Your Goal Metrics

To get the most out of your digital strategy, setting a goal is essential. Otherwise you're throwing darts with your eyes closed- hoping one of them hits the bullseye. Goal-setting provides specific and measurable direction that makes you more likely to get yourself or your company where you want to go. In fact, aElite Daily article referenced a study where Harvard graduate students were asked if they had specific, written goals for their futures. Only 3% did. After ten years this group was interviewed again. The students who had specific, goals for their futures earned ten times more money than their peers who did not set goals.  

Setting SMART Marketing Goals Template

Now that goals are set, the next step is to map out how you're going to achieve them and map out your goal metrics. That's where the infographic below comes in. Start at the top and work through the questions to determine, based on your campaign's goals, what approach you should take to achieve your goals. This will give you a solid foundation upon which to begin bulding your strategy around click-through rates, reach, or cost per acquisition.

Performance Metrics Infographic.jpgSource: Choozle

Need help setting your goal? Check out our guidelines or try our tempalte!

Setting SMART Marketing Goals Template