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How Sales Enablement Can Increase Your Win Rate.

With so much marketing technology available, it's hard to believe that the marketing and sales teams still seem to have trouble getting aligned. While your company may have implemented smarketing methods, it's still difficult to ensure that every lead has been qualified and doesn't fall through the cracks. Research shows that despite all the effort put forth to generate leads, 70% of leads are not properly nurtured by the sales team. Here's how sales enablement can increase your win rate by partnering with a full funnel marketing agency.


Most sales teams are dependent on their marketing teams for leads. Therefore, the marketing team moves full speed ahead at generating as many leads as possible with an effective inbound strategy. The problem arises when the sales team is tasked with qualifying all of those leads then deciding which ones to nurture. Typically, there's a lack of communication between the marketing team and the sales team simply because each group is focused on meeting their own goals. By focusing on sales enablement, you can close this gap and allow your sales team to focus only on the most qualified leads. According to a Demand Metric survey75% of survey respondents reported that sales enablement made a moderate or significant contribution to their sales forces, and 88% with effective sales enablement functions classified their organizations as "very strategic."

If you're looking to implement effective sales enablment functions, then you may be looking for a full funnel marketing agency. This type of agency will employ a strong inbound content marketing strategy to generate significant amounts of leads, qualify those leads, and work with your in-house sales team, coaching them and providing research for each SQL. This full funnel marketing agency will bridge the traditional gap between marketing and sales.  

As a HubSpot agency partner, we have made it a priority to provide full funnel marketing services complete with sales enablement to our client partners who are a best fit. This type of partnership allows Mighty and our partners to accelerate growth. By closing the gap between marketing and sales, marketing efforts become more optimized and sales teams are able to focus on closing.

If you are interested in a free exploratory call to see if a full funnel inbound marketing approach is a good fit for your company, contact us today.


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