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How Retailers Can Revive Their Email Campaigns in 2017

We all receive a ton of emails from retailers every day. How many of them do you actually read? The retail industry has an average open rate of 21.44% and a CTR of 2.65%. If your email open rates are subpar, here's how retailers can revive their email campaigns in 2017. 

Segment your emails. 

Emails should never be one size fits all. Your recipients signed up for your emails because at one time something on your site was relevant to their interests. Why not capitalize on that? This can be accomplished by segmenting your email lists based on products viewed, purchase history, demographics,  etc. Doing so ensures that your customers and potential customers receive information that is relevant to their needs and keeps them engaging with your brand.

Setting SMART Marketing Goals Template

Give your emails a personal touch. 

When a piece of mail addressed to "Current Resident" lands in your mailbox, do you read it or throw it out? Most ends up unread and in the recycle bin. The same holds true for emails. Many of the marketing automation tools allow you to insert personal touches, like the recipient's name.

Also, avoid sending emails from a do not reply email address. They are impersonal and have a higher chance of being marked as spam. 

Write compelling subject lines. 

The best email subject lines are creative and interest-provoking. We suggest posing a question or using an incentive (i.e. a template or infographic). Make sure the subject line is less than 50 characters so that it is properly displayed in the recipient's inbox. 

Use attention-grabbing images and design. 

If you want people to click within your emails, you have to give them a good reason too. Using amazing imagery not only captures the users attention but also intrigues them to want to know more. Need some inspiration? Check these emails out

Optimize for multiple devices.

Failing to optimize email for multiple devices is another reason many email click-through rates fall short. Assuming that all subscribers check their email on a desktop fails to reach recipients who prefer a different device or are on the go. People use a variety of devices other than a desktop to keep up with their email, with smart phones being the most common. In fact, 81% of smart phone users say that email is the most important thing they do on their phone. Ignoring mobile devices is something marketers can no longer afford to do. Emails must be mobile-optimized in order to be effective. 

Email marketing has significant ROI when done correctly. The average person checks their email 76 times each day. This creates a great opportunity for retailers to keep their customers engaged. Be sure to take advantage of the benefits of segmentation. Personalized emails are the key to keeping eblast recipients engaged in email marketing and returning to your website. Also, remember to optimize your emails to be read across multiple devices, particularly smart phones. Keep these tips in mind when crafting your next email campaign and watch the ROI soar.

Setting SMART Marketing Goals Template