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How Restaurants Get Noticed On Instagram

Did you know that 89% of internet users research restaurants online prior to choosing a place to eat? Your online presence can drive significant traffic to your restaurant by capitalizing on how people choose where to eat. Social media is a crucial piece of that.

Before the dawn of social media people sought recommendations from friends and family. Today social media has somewhat replaced that as a frequently utilized source for those seeking advice on where to eat with Instagram leading the way. Instagram is now a critical component of a successful restaurant marketing plan.

Instagram has become a trusted source for potential customers who are trying to decide where they would like to eat. Photos of a tasty dish or a unique experience are some of the best ways to grab attention. The problem with this is that a restaurant has no control over what users post.

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What customers post on Instagram is mostly out of your control. Some restaurants are taking inventive steps to not only control some aspects of the message but make a big impact on Instagram by enticing people to take and share attention grabbing photos on Instagram. They're making themselves "Instagramable".

Being "Instagramable" goes beyond serving artfully plated dishes. Restaurants are now considering how everything will look when photographed. Every element of a restaurant is carefully chosen. The wallpaper, the flooring, the furniture, and even the outside walls are carefully crafted to entice patrons to post pictures on Instagram thus spreading brand awareness and excitement.


 instagram-restaurant-wall.pngImages via Fundera

If you've ever visited The Collins Bar in Birmingham, AL, you know exactly what we're talking about. Everyone who visits the bar from the for the first time wants to Instagram the bartender's backdrop- the periodic table of local notable places. Large paper airplanes are hung from the ceiling and umbrellas are strung artfully over the sidewalk outside. It's an Instagrammer's paradise. When patron's geotag their location or note it in teh description, their followers are encouraged to visit the restaurant when they see something that piques their attention.

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Photos via Southern Living

After going through all this effort and expense to make your restaurant Instgramable, does it make a difference? This infographic from Fundera demonstrates how Instagram has impacted the restaurant business.

Instagram .pngSource: Fundera