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How an Agency Can Fill Your Marketing Resource Gap

Even businesses with the largest internal marketing departments partner with agencies to help them execute their marketing strategies and reach their SMART goals. Doing so doesn't mean an internal marketing team is being replaced. Partnering with an agency simply means that a business' internal marketing team is being given the resources they need to succeed. 

When is it appropriate to partner with an agency? The truth is, there's no right answer. Every business' situation is unique and should be evaluated individually. The most common reason businesses partner with an agency is to fill a resource gap that a business can't or doesn't know how to fill internally.

A marketing resource gap usually presents in the following ways:

You already have a strong internal marketing team and you want your marketing strategy to get next level results. 

Agencies have a diverse team of talent that has worked on a wide variety of projects. They've worked with a variety of industries and have executed a variety of strategies. Because of their breadth of experience, they can advise your internal team on the best way to execute a strategy and reach your goals.

Agencies are also extremely results driven. Without proven results, they risk losing your account. A good agency will constantly monitor the progress of your campaigns and recommend adjustments as needed. Your success is their success.

It doesn't make financial sense to bring in a full-time team to cover every task that an agency would normally handle. 

Your marketing department requires a wide variety of skills including graphic design, project management, strategy, social media, digital, and web design/maintenance. Occasionally you can find someone who can cover many of those skills. Unfortuatel they likely do a few things ok rather than being great. 

An agency already has every skill set your marketing campaign needs. Hiring an agency on a project by project basis or on retainer is typically more cost-effective than hiring a whole in-house team.

Your campaigns are not producing results and you don't know why.

Somethings you get stuck in a rut and it takes an outsider's assessment to get your campaigns producing results again. An agency's bread and butter is assessing a situation and making recommendations that get results. They're also pro's at executing their strategic recommendations. 

Your digital presence is dated.  

If you've decided to overhaul your digital presence (website, social media, etc.), an agency is most likely going to give you the best ROI for your investment. An agency is going to have a team of experts in-house, meaning you don't have to find and coordinate a group of freelancers. 

An agency can not only build up your digital presence in a way that is modern and innovative, but they can also advise on long-term strategy. That means that the next time it's time for an update, it's a much smaller undertaking because you're digital presence has been constantly evolving. 

Partnering with an agency offers many advantages. Each agency has different areas that they focus on or excel at. They also have different methodologies. It's important to talk to several agencies in order to find one that best meets your needs and goals. Thanks to the internet, it's easy to work with an agency that best meets your needs regardless of their location.


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