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Go blog or go home.


Cost-effective Ways to Promote Your Content

You put too much thought and effort into creating content for your brand not to promote it! In an ideal world, you’d publish your fabulous content and people would just find it. Unfortunately, getting traffic to your content isn’t that simple. With more noise in the market than ever before, it’s hard to stand out.

That’s not to say that content creation shouldn’t be a big part of your marketing strategy. Even with the increase in brands creating content, brands who consistently put fresh content out there still see benefits like:

  • Being positioned as an expert
  • Creating trust with their audience
  • A boost their website’s SEO
  • An increase in brand awareness
  • New leads generated

Consistent content creation is important. Standing out among all the other brands creating content organically is hard. Lucky for you, we promoted this blog article so you could find it!

Here are five cost-effective ways to promote your content:

  1. Email your content to qualified leads in your database. If you have a database of email addresses, these folks have probably already interacted with you. When your email lands in the inbox of someone who has heard of you and has volunteered their email address, there is a decent chance that they’ll open an email from you. Send them an email with the video embedded or a link to it. Be sure to include a brief description and a catchy headline.
  2. Publish it on social media. Just like the people in your email database, the people who follow you on social media do so for a reason. Be sure to add any new content into rotation on your social media channels so that your followers can see, like, and share it.
  3. Pin it to the top of your social media pages. Pinning a post keeps you front and center of your social media pages and increases its level of exposure. Buffer found that pinned tweets lead to a 10X increase in conversions.
  4. Promote it to a target audience. You’ve already defined your buyer personas, right? If you have, you should be able to quickly and easily create a well-defined, targeted audience on Facebook and Instagram. Using that audience, put a little money behind your content to drive paid traffic to it.
  5. Mention or reference it in your other pieces of content. As you create new pieces of content, it’s important to link back to other relevant pieces of content you’ve already created. This is a great way to not only drive traffic to your new content but also to get more life out of your existing content. When your audience is truly interested in what you have to say, they may keep exploring related pieces of content and move further down through your ad funnel!

These five tips work well for multiple types of content. Whether you blog, create videos, or create podcasts, promoting your content doesn’t have put a dent in your budget.