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4 Tips To Generate Leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is generally considered the number one social media platform for business. Historically, Facebook has been seen as a means to keeping in...

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5 Tips on Using Snapchat for Marketing

If you are between the ages of 12-32, chances are you know what Snapchat is, and you probably have it downloaded on your phone. Even if you’re not...

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4 Tips to Create Compelling Content

There is no point in having the best marketing strategy possible if your content is lacking.

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3 Tips to Build an Email Relationship

Email marketing is dependent on building relationships.

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5 Top Tips to Optimize Content For Social Media Marketing

Since the invention of the internet, Website traffic slowly began to overtake footfall as the most significant metric to your business. Now in...

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How to Find an Instagram Influencer

Instagram is fantastic. For years, advertising departments have been paying a fortune to ensure their company can produce high-quality images and...

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4 Tips to Boost Open Rates with Subject Lines

In 2018, attention-spans are at an all-time low. If a friend tries to show me a YouTube video and it’s longer than 90 seconds, I instantly lose...

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5 Tips To Boost Brand Loyalty with Content Marketing

Brand loyalty is arguably the most significant factor in maintaining your company’s success.

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What is a Social Media Style Guide & Why Do You Need One?

Remember when you could get away with just get away with creating basic accounts and create your social media marketing strategy on a whim? Those...

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3 Reasons to Combine Your Email & Social Media Marketing

If you are a devoted follower of our blog here at Mighty (Hi Mom!), you may have noticed that there are two topics which often seem to reappear....

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