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5 Tips To Boost Brand Loyalty with Content Marketing

5 Tips To Boost Brand Loyalty with Content Marketing

By Callum Corley
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Brand loyalty is arguably the most significant factor in maintaining your company’s success.

A key aim of your business is to ensure that not only is are you making a high-level of sales to new consumers, but that they come back again and again. Though it can still be difficult to measure, brand loyalty is the ultimate goal for many marketers. Luckily, content marketing is an ideal way to achieve it.

Here are 5 ways to improve brand loyalty using content marketing:

1. Newsletters

It is unrealistic to believe consumers think about your brand all of the time. Unless you are ever—present in daily life (looking at you Apple) it is just an unachievable aim. However, content marketing is ideal for engaging consumers in between purchase periods.

Email marketing, and newsletters especially, can reach consumers on a regular basis. Even if they are not actively thinking about your brand. Not only are you consumers going to think about you on a regular basis, but they can also gain a better understanding of your brand voice and what your company stands for over the long term.

However, be careful! Email marketing can achieve fantastic results, however, it can also cause consumers to leave and even actively avoid your brand if used incorrectly.

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2. Gifts

Today there is a huge amount of data available for businesses on their consumers. Although there is no reason to take it to Cambridge Analytica levels, why not use personalised gifts to reward your customers. We live in a culture where gifts are viewed as a sign of thoughtfulness and affection, these are two terms your brand should aim to be associated with.

However, specificity is crucial. Segment your lists to ensure you engage different types of consumers in a suitable way. If your aim is to engage a small group of older consumer, why not mail a gift to them the traditional way (that’s right, snail mail) for the holidays or their birthday. If your small group includes social media influencers, be sure to include your newest product.

3. Stand for something

In 2018 it is incredibly important to do more than simply sell goods and services. There is an entire generation of people who feel motivated and inspired by causes on a regular basis, and your company should be no different.

Why not look for a cause or charity your company can partner with?

This will show consumers that you care about more than simply sales. It will also allow another opportunity to show your brand voice and what you stand for as a company.

4. Encourage Familiarity

Those consumers who are loyal to your brand will almost certainly form the core of your social media following. Therefore, why not allow them the chance to help shape your presence on those channels?

Historically, brand loyalty was an emotional connection that evolved over time and regular visits. However, in the age of social media this rather than taking years and multiple visits, this emotional connection can be formed online in a fraction of the time. This is especially true for millennials, who want to be personally involved with the brands they connect with on social media.

Therefore, rather than focusing on pure metrics such as followers and retweets, create posts that invite feedback from existing followers. Instead of aiming for a vast number of potential new customers, why not focus on Niche Content Marketing.

5. Own your voice

As you work for the company, it can be assumed that you understand your brand on a deeper level than most innocent bystanders. You know what you stand for, and you know what your company is trying to achieve as you hone it on a daily basis. However, potential consumers will spend a fraction of that time with your brand. Therefore you must use every single interaction to express who you are.

How can you do that? There are numerous ways, however, your voice on social media is one of the most effective. Consider what you want your brand to represent, then implement those principles into a guide. Write each of your social media posts following these brand guidelines and you will ensure a consistency of voice across all channels allowing your followers to know exactly who you are.

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