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4 Digital Ads Restaurants Should Try in 2021

Mobile advertising has increasingly gained market share of ad dollars as consumers have continued to spend more time on their devices. According to eMarketer, had it not been for COVID-19, their projections put mobile advertising's market share at 68% of total digital ad spend globally. And when you look at the results restaurants and other business can get through mobile advertising, it's no wonder so many people are spending money here.

When compared to traditional advertising methods like television, digital ads are more measurable, better targeted, and have higher conversion rates. They also offer the ability to quickly pivot a campaign based on data.

The vast majority of restaurants are engaging in some kind of digital marketing and that isn't anticipated to change any time soon. Don't miss out on a good opportunity to gain new restaurant customers! Here are 4 digital ads restaurants should try and why they work for restaurants.

1. Facebook Ads

  • Why? Facebook ads are a great way to increase brand awareness. Facebook has a large reach that is easy for Facebook marketers to take advantage of. In fact, studies have shown that 3 out of 4 customers (72%) have used Facebook to make a restaurant decision.
  • Multiple objectives. Facebook offers ad options to satisfy whatever the objective of your ad may be. Restaurant marketers can grow their social media following, get sign ups for their email newsletter, encourage app installs, or drive traffic to their menu to name a few.
  • Targeting options. Through Facebook, restaurant marketers can precisely and cost-effectively reach their target audience. Target the demographics of your ideal restaurant patrons. More importantly, target a radius around your restaurant to reign in hungry smartphone users.

2. Instagram Ads

  • Why? Since Instagram is part of Facebook, restaurant marketers are able to take advantage of the same precise targeting options to increase brand awareness or promote specials.
  • Foodie culture. People love to share and view delicious looking food pictures on Instagram. Ads featuring you best entrees draw in potential customers and and possibly to your website.
  • High location based engagement. Location based digital ads are important for restaurants. 89% of internet users research restaurants online prior to choosing a place to eat and the majority of them are looking for something nearby. That research process often includes Instagram. On this social media platform, location based ads get 79% more engagement than those without.

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3. Google AdWords Search Ads

  • Why? Restaurant marketers are able to bid on keywords that are used by their ideal customer. 2017 saw an increase in use of AdWords search ads by 17%.
  • Visibility. These ads are highly visible because appear near SERP results when users search for certain keywords.
  • Data. Google collects a myriad of data that restaurant marketers can use to modify campaigns or take into account when building new campaigns.
  • Options. Google allows restaurant marketers to keep their ads simple or expand to include extensions. This allows marketers to increase conversion rates by adding a phone number or display location information at no additional cost.

4. Yelp ads

  • Why? Yelp ads are proven to be a major referral source for a restaurant's website and can increase website traffic by as much as 25%.
  • Word of mouth. Yelp is where a large number of people go to learn what others thought about a restaurant they are considering. An astounding 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. With Yelp ads, restaurant marketers can capitalize on this by placing an ad on a competitor's Yelp page.
  • Location. Yelp offers location targeting so that restaurant marketers can target people in a customizable radius around their location. 


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