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3 Reasons to Combine Your Email & Social Media Marketing

By Callum Corley
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If you are a devoted follower of our blog here at Mighty (Hi Mom!), you may have noticed that there are two topics which often seem to reappear. Email and Social Media Marketing. If utilized correctly, these are arguably the two most powerful marketing tools freely available. When they’re combined their influence increases tenfold.

Why is this the case? There are a wide variety of reasons but one is that almost everybody makes their buying decision based on information from multiple sources. Ever my Grandmother won’t buy something until it has been thoroughly researched online! If you focus all of your resources on just one channel, you significantly increase the risk of missing out on other buyers at different points in their research.

Combining email marketing with social media such as Instagram, and especially Facebook can easily lead to better personalization. Not only that but your customer's experience will be significantly improved. Finally, both email marketing and building social media brands are incredibly cost effective when combined with other, more marketing methods such as direct marketing

Here are 3 simple ways to combine your Email Marketing and Social Media campaigns.

1. Use your social media accounts to grow your contact list.

Facebook's recent algorithm makes it far easier to customize your ads to reach an incredibly specific audience. It is now possible to create lead generation ads which will then collect email addresses directly. Facebook now allows you to send ads to users who may have engaged with your Facebook page in the past week, month or even year.

Your audience will probably not be engaged with your brand long enough on Facebook to see all the information you want them to see. However, by collecting their email addresses you now have the option to send them to follow up information, as well as other content in the future.

2. Tailor your social channels to your email audience.

This is a very easy change to make in your social media strategy. All it can take is altering a few keywords across your social media posts and your brand will be consistent across mediums. However, to ensure you are optimizing your message, make sure you plan your media strategy accordingly.

Here are three ways tailoring your message across channels can help your brand:

• It will continue to reinforce messages they might have missed in their inbox.

• It allows you to continually engage with subscribers who may have stopped opening your emails.

• It can encourage existing customers to make repeat purchases.

3. Test new ideas on your social media, then use the winners in your emails.

Hopefully, your business has an optimized, engaged social media presence. If you’re just copying your email content and sharing it across two channels, you’re wasting a fantastic opportunity. Social media is arguably the best way to test your creative side without much risk.

If your followers have a favorite piece of content on your social media and it is performing well, why not use it in your email marketing. By including successful social content in your emails and driving readers back to those original sources, you are likely to get even more social engagement. It’s a WIN-WIN!

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