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3 Quick Tips to Ensure Your Product Quality Stands Out Online

By Callum Corley
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In today’s day and age, more American’s shop online than ever before. A recent study found that 96% of Americans shop online, however 49% of those said they were put off from buying products due to not being able to touch or see them in person and this could often lead to an increased return rate. With almost all businesses having some form of online presence today, ensuring your quality stands out can be the difference between making and missing out on a sale.

Here are 3 quick tips to ensure your product quality stands out online:

1) Quality of Multimedia

It may sound obvious, but no one is going to buy your $750 guitar if its photo is a grainy, pixelated travesty! It is an all too common mistake today that online retailers make, investing heavily in the production of a high-quality product, but neglecting to invest in the ability to market it.

A professional quality camera can be available for just a few hundred dollars, and yet it is an investment that some are still reluctant to make. A good photo can be the difference between a potential customer clicking ‘add to cart’ or scrolling past your product with barely a second glance.

Another way to ensure your product quality stands out is to introduce a variety of multimedia to back up that point. For example, why not produce a video showing each step of the production process? By taking the buyer on the journey your product goes through, they can fully understand the care that goes into its production and its quality will be beyond doubt.

2) Quality of Testimonials 

A recommendation from a trusted friend remains the ultimate product endorsement. Think about the last time you had a haircut, it is a near guarantee that every compliment is followed up with, “Where did you get it?”. The same is true of your product.

Another mistake businesses make is to think that the mission has been accomplished after they make a sale. However, this is just one more of many steps you should make. Why not follow up with your customers a week or two after buying your product?

If they liked it, ask them to provide a review of the product and allow you to post it online. This will ensure your customer feels more than a simple checkbook, but that they are valued by the company. It will also allow potential customers to see that the product quality has been tested by many before them and it will go some way to satisfying their own concerns.

3) Quality of Service

From the first moment a potential customer views your company, they begin their judgment. Every aspect of the buyer’s journey will influence how they view the quality of your company, and by association the quality of your product. If they are forced to wait on hold for an hour when calling your customer service team, it reflects poorly on your product.

One easy way to avoid this is to ensure that your customer service team works together to answer the questions asked of them! Small things make a huge difference. If someone tweets a question to your company, ensure you answer it quickly and personally. Similarly, if someone posts a negative comment on Facebook, work with them publicly to find a solution.  Others will see this, and it will be remembered when they are choosing between your product and some competitors.

So, there you have it, follow these 3 easy tips and the quality of your product will be obvious to all, even if they can’t hold it in their hands just yet!

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