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3 Goal Setting Mistakes You Are Probably Making

You set some goals. Great! Goal setting is essential to any successful business, career, or marketing campaign. Check out our post on SMART goal setting if you have not already.

Fast forward six months. Has anything changed? Have you achieved your goals? Are you starting a new set of goals? If the answer is no, you are not alone. Getting off track is common. What is important is how you handle it. Now is the time to review your goals, troubleshoot where you got off track, and create a plan to that will get you on back on your way to reaching those goals.  

Here are 3 goal attributes to evaluate when trying to get back on track:

1. Is your goal measurable? 

Goals that are not measurable are too broad. Your goal should be specific with a numeric component so you can measure your progress and know when you have reached your goal. 

2. Is your goal is deadline driven?

Setting a deadline for your goals creates a sense of urgency for all involved. Getting caught up in daily tasks makes it easy to procrastinate goals. 

3. Is your goal is written down?

writing your goals down is one of the most important components of goal setting. According to a study conducted by 3M, people who write down their goals are 42% more likely to complete their goals than those who do not. Writing your goal down helps hold your and your team accountable.

Take time to evaluate your original goals. Our goal setting template and SMART goal setting guide can help. Think about what gaps existed in your original plan and take steps to course correct. After that you will be well on your way to reaching those goals in no time. 

Setting SMART Marketing Goals Template