Need to generate more leads?

B2B Lead Generation Toolkit

Often times B2B marketing and sales teams cast a wide net in order to gain as many new customers as possible. While this may seem like a good strategy, its downfall is that it results in a high percentage of those leads being low quality and unlikely to convert.

What's a marketer to do?

There are key things B2B marketing and sales teams can do in order to stand out among the competition. This B2B Lead Generation Toolkit contains resources that will help you: 

  • Set SMART goals.
  • Identify and understand key customer groups.
  • Create inbound content for each phase of the funnel. 
  • Strategically attract and nurture leads.
  • Establish or fine-tune your sales process.

Who needs these resources?

If any of these common B2B mistakes resonate with you, the B2B Lead Generation Toolkit can help marketers revamp their strategy

  • Cold outreach is how most new leads are generated.
  • When a lead expresses interest, the salesperson immediately begins presenting.
  • The sales or lead-nurturing process is not customized for each lead.

How is this marketing and sales process different from the rest?

The resources in the B2B Lead Generation Toolkit are built around the inbound methodology. Inbound utilizes a marketing and sales process that attracts and nurtures leads throughout their buyer's journey. It provides the information they need in each phase of the buyer's journey in order to move into the next phase. Inbound requires sales and marketing teams work work together in order to attract leads and know when is the right time to connect with them.